Hiring a photographer is an investment and commitment.  Expressive Moments is willing to partner with you to assist in making your event run smoothly.  Basic contracts will vary by project.  Pricing is set and no price reductions will be given beyond the packages that are stated.  Special consideration for major price breaks are given at Bridal Affairs.

SENIOR & FAMILY  PORTRAIT  CONTRACTS - See senior portrait and portrait pages for details.  The refund page discusses cancellation issues.  Paid in two installments and in full in advance of your session.   

RENEWAL, JUSTICE, AND WEDDING  CONTRACTS - Your wedding date is secured once a basic contract is signed and the $200 non-refundable deposit is received.  This $200 deposit will be applied toward your overall package price.  The remaining contract to be discussed at our first consultation. 

See engagement page for details and refund policy page for cancellation issues. 

FLEXIBLE  PAYMENT  PLAN - After your deposit is received, payment arrangements to pay your remaining balance is flexible.  However, all money owed to Expressive Moments for photography services will need to be paid in full no later than four weeks prior to your event (if made by check).  If you need reminder bills, Expressive Moments will assist in that process.  It is suggested you pay "quarterly or in thirds".

Once you have reserved your wedding date, Expressive Moments turns other customers away who have requested your date and begins preparation for your event.  Expressive Moments takes your wedding very seriously and incurs expenses over and beyond what you are aware of.  Those expenses include visiting your wedding site location, upgrading equipment to meet your situational needs, administrative costs, and paying for fluctuating gas prices.

Unforeseen situations such as death, accident, hospitalization, or deportation that cause the event to be cancelled or changed may be given "consideration" for a refund of monies paid over and above the non-refundable deposit.

Due to an increase in scams, non-refundable deposits will not be reimbursed for any reason.  Breaking up and job loss are not considered serious events.