As a freelance photojournalist, my goal remains to capture moments in their natural settings and turn them into cherished memories.  

Expressive Moments has extensive photography experience and has photographed numerous weddings and casual events (formally and informally) over the past twenty years.   

The learning process began with photo competitions and evolved through shooting promotional pictures; winning artistic competitions; judging photography exhibits; working in a photo lab as a technician/manager; photographing studio portraits; doing copy work; photographing events; being a wedding coordinator; and being asked to photograph weddings (in their entirety).   

I am sorry to report that Expressive Moments closed its services due to a move to Minnesota.  Although the business is not active anymore, some casual shoot situations in Minnesota may be discussed.

Kelly was a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Indiana. Expressive Moments was a Domestic Limited Liability Company (a.k.a. Expressive Moments, LLC).